Kaye's Bakery History

1978 was the start of it all; Kaye’s Bakery was established in Southland to become part of our great city’s history by Evan and Lois Penniall. Now more than 30 years on, their family still loves the southern lifestyle and the bakery business, sharing this enthusiasm with their employee’s, customers, suppliers and distributors creating an entire Kaye’s Bakery Community for everyone to be part of.

The success of their Bakery business has been built on the personal hands onapproach they take towards the production of high quality baked goods made from high quality ingredients, a philosophy of listening to what the customer has to say and adapting to changes in the market place, along with keeping to the look of the traditional home baked biscuits.

Starting from premises in Tisbury, Southland with a staff of five, Evan and Lois initially concentrated on baking biscuits and slices, along the way they moved into larger and more accessible bakery premises so they could make even more great bakery products, and be closer to their customers. Kaye’s Bakery is now firmly planted in Onslow Street, Invercargill, making as many fantastic bakery products as they can possibly fit into a day’s production.