Kaye's Approach to Business

The success of Kaye’s bakery has been built on the personal “hands on” approach they take towards the production of high quality baked goods made from the best ingredients available, a philosophy of listening to what the customer has to say and adapting to changes in the market place and the traditional home.

We know people are a lot busier than they ever use to be, and that fitting in a spot of home baking can actually be a challenge. Juggling work, family, sport and social commitments leaves little time for yourself sometimes, so why not relax with a fantastic yummy home style biscuit that we have lovingly prepared for you.

No guilt necessary! We enjoy baking biscuits and we greatly appreciate that our customers enjoy them also. We base all our recipes on what you yourself would make in your own kitchen, we just make them on a much larger scale because we have huge big ovens to make heaps of your favourite biscuits, for you, your family and friends to share.