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Kaye's and Cottrell's Product Ranges


Cottrells was orignially a bakery in Christchurch that Kayes brought when the owners wanted to move on.

The range focuses on packs of biscuits as a 12 or 20+, we also make some pretty scrumptious tarts to go with the range.

We have recently modernised the packaging for our Big Bikkies range - so now they are even easier to spot on the supermarket shelf.

The Big Bikkies range is one of our biggest Cottrells sellers - it is after all very hard to resist a good sized pack of dunking biscuits.

We also get many great comments about the Cottrells Butter Shortbread - you can't beat the classics sometimes


Kayes Bakery is named after the orignial baking families daughter Kaye. Evan and Lois kept the name and made Kayes Bakery the business it is today.

The Kayes range is quite extensive as the staff who make it will tell you and even the offical taste testers at break times can't keep up sometimes.

We have a large selection of slices and biscuits which are our main core sellers and are always bringing customers back for more. We get many comments about how our product tastes just like home made and how we have made many a home baker redundant from their baking jobs.

Have you spotted our new slice packaging and the five new slices we added to the range? We think the new packaging makes the slices look very appertizing.